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What we believe in
The career of a high level Belgian swimmer shouldn't end at the age of 18.

Who we are

Proswimteam is a professional sports team for competitive swimmers in Flanders who want to combine their career as a swimmer with (top) sport. Proswimteam  supports both elite athletes with olympic ambitions and regular competitive swimmers. Proswimteam is launching several activities throughout Flanders in order to serve as many competitive swimmers as possible.


What we do

Proswimteam aspires to set up regional teams throughout Flanders for adult competitive swimmers in addition to the club training sessions. At this moment, two development teams and an elite team have already launched.


Projects we realised

Development Team Ghent

Sept 2021

The development team in Ghent "Ghent University Swimming Team" focuses on 18+ swimmers who have the ambition to excel at national competitions and (inter)national student championships. With this operation we aim to support swimmers that combine studies in Ghent with competitive swimming. This initiative will supplement the training swimmers receive at their club teams so that athletes are not forces to change clubs after starting their studies in Ghent.

Elite team Antwerp

sept 2020

A selection of elite level swimmers is intensively and professionally supervised by a multidisciplinary team, with the ambition to participate in international competitions (European Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games). In addition to their training and competitions, these athletes are given the opportunity to combine studies or work with their athletic ambitions.

Development Team Wachtebeke

sept 2020

The development team in Wachtebeke focuses on 18+ swimmers who have the ambition to excel at national competitions. With this operation we provide a stimulating training environment where athletes from around Flanders have the opportunity to train together on a monthly bases.

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